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Finding the Right School

If you are looking for a school for your son or daughter, we would advise the following:

Do your research, visit the school and ask as many questions as possible. Make sure they have the right balance of support. Education should be at the appropriate level with specific support where needed. Therapy should not stand alone and should inform school staff in their practices and approach.

If you are considering an independent school, check how they are funded and explore their fee structure. If the Local Authority is funding the placement, you will need to also research your local maintained mainstream and special schools to see if they have appropriate provision. Local Authorities will want to place with the most appropriate and cost-effective provision.

Talk to your Local Authority about the school you have selected. Some schools, like ours, will support the application process and will work proactively with you and the Local Authority to find the most appropriate provision.

Ensure any assessments are up to date and relevant. This is the evidence that will enable professionals to make the right decisions around provision and any associated costs. If you disagree with the identified provision or placement you can appeal the decision through a tribunal process.