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Our curriculum is guided by our ethos, our vision and our values.

Our Ethos

‘We believe every young person should be valued and supported to achieve their potential, irrelevant of their starting point.’

Our Vision 

‘Young people have the knowledge and skills to live happy, fulfilling and autonomous lives within society.’

The school believes in the value and importance of building positive, trusting relationships with young people and in supporting and enabling them to make choices, informed by an understanding of the consequences of their choices. Relationships are at the core of all we do at Break Through School; caring and respecting is what changes the behaviour of young people.

The school aims to work with young people who choose to be at the school. Break Through aims to promote positive attitudes towards learning, so that young people enjoy school and feel safe and comfortable coming to school, acquire a solid basis for lifelong learning.

The school believes every experience is a learning experience and all staff strive to maintain a non-judgemental approach to working with young people.

The school supports students to embrace different learning opportunities, whether that be gardening, creating artwork or visiting a local place of employment, thus opening up experiences and building their cultural capital.

The curriculum is designed to re-engage young people who have struggled to engage in a mainstream context. Giving individualised attention to each young person allows the staff team to create a programme of learning, and therapeutic and academic support, which maximises the chances of each young person engaging. The school aims to foster confidence and love of learning through a combination of firm boundaries, accessibility and inclusion.