Belvedere specialised school are #WearingItGreen to show their support for Mental Health Awareness Week

Staff at Break Through School, an independent school for children with additional needs based in Belvedere, Bexley, have been showing their support for Mental Health Awareness Week by #WearingItGreen.

The school, which provides a nurturing, safe space for pupils aged 11 to 17 years across the behaviour spectrum, has focused on the Mental Health Foundation’s ‘anxiety’ theme this week, with a range of activities to support the mental health of both their learners and staff.

Principal, Ruth Elliott, said: “Anxiety is a completely normal emotion for all of us to experience, but for some people it can get out of control and impact negatively on their mental health. Particularly at this time of year, with learners taking exams, money pressures or perhaps starting to think about transitions, such as life after school; it’s very common to feel more anxious than normal, so we’ve been looking at ways to help manage these feelings. We’ve talked about being kind to ourselves, mindfulness, journalling and how you should never feel embarrassed to talk about how you feel or seek help from a professional. Additionally, we have focused on starting with ourselves, looking after each other as staff and demonstrating that to our pupils as positive role models”.

Irene Fiore, who is the Wellbeing Champion at Break Through School, added: “Break Through School is committed to promoting and supporting the mental health of our staff, learners and their wider families, not just this week but on a daily basis. The entire school has worked together to champion Mental Health Awareness Week, with learners speaking up about their anxieties, their triggers, and reflected on what helps them to cope and sharing strategies. We’ve enjoyed a quiz, a scavenger hunt and some really engaging class discussions, plus staff looked very fetching adorned in their green attire”.

For more information about Break Through School, please visit, email or call 01322 440049.